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The Role of a Sixth Form Tutor

As a Sixth Form tutor the core role is to support students as they strive to become independent adults. Support comes in many forms and is adapted to the individual needs of the particular student. At its basic level, we monitor and address attendance, punctuality and check that they are adhering to the dress code;

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What is School Readiness?

By Mrs Samantha Durrant, Year 5 Teacher There seems to be an endless stream of boxes that need ticking when it comes to children, their care and parenting. Another one of these is school readiness. We all want our own children to be ready to enter school, equipped with all the essential skills required to

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The Benefits of Modern Foreign Languages in Key Stage 1

By Mrs Rebecca Branton, Junior School Teacher There is plenty of research to support the benefits of learning a foreign language as early as possible. Studies by Harvard University, for example, suggest that the creativity and flexibility of the mind are enhanced when young children are exposed to a range of ways of communicating, including

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