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Head's Welcome

Happy and Vibrant School

Whatever your daughter wants to be, Burgess Hill Girls is the place to be. We are a truly remarkable, happy and vibrant school.

Every day is busy, active and exciting. So much is packed into every minute of the day.

As one of our Sixth Formers commented – “this is a school for ‘Only Motivated Girls’ (OMGs),” and how true she is! The school is an infectious place and I really encourage you to come and sample a day with us.

Supportive Environment

Our girls are truly valued for who they are, for the wonderful and unique gifts and talents they possess and for what they can bring and give to the wider community.

It is a happy, caring, friendly and supportive environment. It is proactive so that every girl flourishes, excels and does her very best.

In fact we put the ‘excel’ into excellent! The school is filled with pupils who enjoy learning and aim to be the best they can be. As our motto says: ‘I am, I can, I ought, I will’.

Reputation for Excellence

Burgess Hill Girls is known for its reputation for excellence. Of course, we set very high standards in every area of education; from academic to creative, and in the personal lives of every girl; however, we also ensure that we develop the individual character of every one of our students.

Our girls work in an environment where they develop confidence and independence, enabling and encouraging them to be themselves and where no barriers exist that prevent them from being who they want to be.

A community

Every member of our community is important. Our girls are comfortable and therefore prepared to take risks. They are keen and willing to be stretched and challenged.

The size of the school is such that it is large enough to provide a wealth of opportunities, both academically and in the diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular programme, but also small enough to ensure no girl goes unnoticed.

Supportive Environment

The support offered encourages our girls to look after each other, to listen to the needs of others and to seek the good in everyone. The girls are self-aware and have self-worth. This is why our girls develop into thoughtful and successful young women.

They leave school with a sense of hope for the future, a positive outlook and a desire to go that extra mile. They are the bright sparks of the future.

Visit Us

So don’t look anywhere else. We offer your daughter the very best education she and you could ever ask for. Come in and meet me and my team. Every day is an open day at Burgess Hill Girls.

With warmest good wishes.

Mrs Liz Laybourn




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