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Senior School Uniform

Burgess Hill Girls Senior School Uniform

Welcome to our new Online Burgess Hill Girls Senior School Uniform Shop run in conjunction with Schoolblazer.

The School Sports Uniform can be found on a separate page here.

(for the Burgess Hill Girls Junior School Uniform click here, or click here for the Burgess Hill Girls Sixth Form Uniform)


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Please Note: Our Current uniform shop will be open until Summer 2017 for details, please click here.


KiltKilnsey plaid skirt style kilt A£39.00£47.00Compulsory
BlousesPerformance cotton 3/4 sleeve pinstripe blouse, 2pk£19.00£22.00Compulsory
Fitted jacketNavy polywool 1 button jacket, bespoke lining, yellow pipe on pocket, embroidered ‘B’ on lapel£80.00£95.00Compulsory
JumperNavy cotton/acrylic V neck jumper with gold trim @ V and cuff£22.00£26.00Compulsory
CoatNavy quilted jacket£42.00£50.00Optional
Scarfknitted Scarf, navy with gold stripe£24.00Optional
HosieryNavy opaque tights (2pk)£6.00Optional from SB
Art/Science OverallFabric wrap-around overall£14.00£16.80Compulsory


Y7-11 burgess hill girls uniform

Ordering Process was founded by parents for parents to take the chore out of shopping for school uniform. Our secure online ordering service allows you to shop for uniform and sportswear at your convenience, and we even offer to sew all of the nametags into the garments for free – so throw out the sewing box and enjoy the summer!

We are committed to making your preparations for the new term as easy and pain-free as possible. If you have any questions or require help please do not hesitate to contact our Helpline on 0333 7000 703 or email Schoolblazer at

Benefits to You

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what sizes to order? We ask you to input your child’s measurements and our Intelligent Sizing System will indicate the recommended size on the shopping page. However, this is a suggestion only, based on the measurements you have entered. Should you wish to choose an alternative size, you can use the drop down menu to select this.

What if I need to return an item? We offer a free returns service so please return any item that is unsuitable and we will either refund or exchange as required.

Do I have to pay for name tags? We only charge for the cost of the name tags and sew them in free of charge.

How long will my order take to be despatched? Whilst we promise to despatch orders within 5 working days we will despatch more swiftly than this wherever possible.

I need an item that is showing as out of stock on the website, what should I do? As an online retailer we typically hold much higher levels of stock than a high street store, but if an item you require is showing as out of stock, please place your order and we will work to supply this as quickly as possible.

What if I need further information or help with my order? There is lots of information available on the Schoolblazer website including ‘How to Shop’ and you will also find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively you can call our Customer Services Team on the number shown above and they will be happy to help.

VAT Rules
26″ and below are zero rated
28″ and above are VATable

32″ and below are zero rated on all garments
34″ and above are VATable unless they are listed below

6th Form Suit Jackets: 36″ and below are zero rated, VATable from 38″
Blazers: 36″ and below are zero rated, VATable from 38″
Jackets: 36″ and below are zero rated, VATable from 38″
Knitwear: 38″ and below are zero rated, VATable from 40″
Blouses: 34″ and below are zero rated, VATable from 36″
Squadkit Polo’s: 36″ and below are zero rated, VATable from 38″

Prep Only Garments
Garments ONLY sold to Prep or younger campaign codes,
AND have a crest or prominent distinguishing mark can all be zero rated regardless of size
Uniform Shorts sold only to Prep or younger campaign codes can all be zero rated regardless of size

Item’s following can be counted as clothing:
Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Ties
These can be zero rated if they are only sold to Prep or younger campaign codes.

All Bags are subject to VAT
Any other accessories not listed above are subject to VAT



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