Careers Guidance

Preparation IS KEY

All girls leaving our school are well-informed about the world of work and very well prepared to enter and succeed in the career paths of their choice.

Careers guidance is available on request at any stage. Formal careers advice begins in the Senior School in Year 9. It is supported by an Options Evening and an informative and popular day’s work experience.

Careers-focused Events

The Careers department is involved in organising careers-focused conferences for girls in Years 9 and 10. The girls are encouraged to develop new skills, work as a team and to be ambitious and creative in their outlook.

The Maths and Science departments work with the Careers department to promote STEM-related careers. These compliment the many opportunities to participate in other career-related activities.

As part of the Year 9 PALS course, the school is piloting the Oxford University Ignite Careers Course.

Student-led events

Year 10s and above are very welcome to attend the Business Breakfasts. These popular events are organised by the Sixth Form and focus on certain broad career areas of their choice with a panel of speakers being invited to give up-to-date advice. In February each year, all girls in the Sixth Form are invited to a Networking Dinner that widens aspirations and often provides access to work experience and internships.

Support for next step

In the Summer term, Lower Sixth students are encouraged to engage in activities which will enhance their CVs and personal statements. The Careers department is keen to encourage professional sponsorship for degrees and is also very willing to support applications to Higher Level apprenticeship and School Leavers’ schemes.