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How Nursery Helps Your Child Get School Ready

When we talk about a child being ‘school ready’ we are not measuring intellectual ability but their social and emotional readiness to embrace school expectations and have the foundations in place to be able to enjoy and understand the next level of learning. So how can a nursery help?

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Starting Big School? Expert Tips

Are you starting to get a bit nervous before your little one starts big school in September? Don’t worry! Grab a cup of tea and read these ten quick tips from our Burgess Hill Girls experts: Nursery Manager, Suzanne Roberts, Head of Junior School, Heather Cavanagh and Reception class teacher, Ros Clayson.

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Preparing your child for Big School

  Is your child moving up to Big School? Our Nursery Teacher Mrs Roberts has put together some tips to ensure the move is a smooth one.   Most schools have an induction day or Meet the Teacher day. This is a really important time for your child to see what their new classroom is

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Maths beyond the classroom

We encounter mathematics in some shape or form throughout our day to day lives. Despite this maths is one of those subjects that can strike fear into the hearts of both children and adults. This fear and the perception that ‘I can’t do maths’ can strike early in life yet for most this is simply

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The Role of a Sixth Form Tutor

As a Sixth Form tutor the core role is to support students as they strive to become independent adults. Support comes in many forms and is adapted to the individual needs of the particular student. At its basic level, we monitor and address attendance, punctuality and check that they are adhering to the dress code;

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Prepare Your Daughter for Starting School

Take it easy As a mother of three daughters, I have prepared all of them for school during what have at times been anxious summers. Despite my university training and many years teaching experience, I haven’t always got it right but I have learnt a lot along the way. In fact, I think that I

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What is School Readiness?

By Mrs Samantha Durrant, Year 5 Teacher There seems to be an endless stream of boxes that need ticking when it comes to children, their care and parenting. Another one of these is school readiness. We all want our own children to be ready to enter school, equipped with all the essential skills required to

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The Benefits of Modern Foreign Languages in Key Stage 1

By Mrs Rebecca Branton, Junior School Teacher There is plenty of research to support the benefits of learning a foreign language as early as possible. Studies by Harvard University, for example, suggest that the creativity and flexibility of the mind are enhanced when young children are exposed to a range of ways of communicating, including

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What to look for when choosing an Early Years setting for your child

By Heather Cavanagh, Head of Junior School The evidence is clear there is a strong positive link between high quality early education and children’s healthy progress through school and into adulthood. To secure that link, and to ensure that the children in our care grow-up healthy, safe, and resilient, and develop the ability and curiosity

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