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2016/17 School Officers Announced

On Friday 6th May, our Head Girl, Nikita K, planted a tree outside the wonderful Croft II Drama. The weather was extremely kind to us as the school looked back with fond memories on all that the School Officer team has achieved this year. Nikita spoke very fondly of the school and chose the following quote for her plaque: “Knowledge is power; community is strength and positive attitude is everything.”


tree planting 2016



The new School Officer team was also announced at this joyous occasion. We are delighted to announce that the following students have gained roles for the remainder of this academic year and next:


Vicky H              Head Girl

Ariel W              Deputy Head Girl (linked to Senior School)

Hattie R              Deputy Head Girl (linked to Junior School)

Julie C                 House Coordinator

Alice B                Charities and Outreach

Jade B                 Charities and Outreach

Valerie C             Head of Boarders

Sophie H             Milton House Captain

Molly L                Thomas House Captain

Sophie S              Burns House Captain

Hannah W          Yeats House Captain

Libby B               Sixth Form Events Coordinator

Lucy B                Sixth Form Events Coordinator



Tree Planting 2016


Electing the new School Officer team is never easy; we received a large number of excellent applications from a very strong field of Lower Sixth Form students. We wish the School Officers well for the coming year and also recognise the commitment shown by those who are not School Officers. We are very fortunate to have such willing and active members of our school community.