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Boarders Activities - May 2016

On Saturday May 7th the Boarders went into Brighton to see the Junior School in the annual Children’s Parade, the theme this year being “Under the Sea”. Stood among the crowd they proudly watched their school pass by. After, the trip was completed by the Boarders favourite pastime, shopping, a few heading to the pier for doughnuts and traditional seaside fayre. It was a lovely sunny day and the Boarders would like to say ‘Well done to the Juniors!’


Childrens Festival 2016


On Saturday May 21st the Boarders went to play Laser Tag. On arrival they split into groups, and although the younger girls were outnumbered they entered in to the Warrior spirit and calling themselves “Bling Bling.”  In the zone the girls’ competitive sides came out zapping and hiding from our opponents. The girls enjoyed two games, andwere given their individual score cards. The girls said it was great fun and a real adrenalin rush.