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Forensics Day

Breaking News from BHG

Our local bishop, Bishop Mitre was found dead in his conservatory on Wednesday morning.  The pathologist confirmed that he had been killed the night before after being stabbed in the heart.  Chief Inspector Semaphore quickly drew up a list of suspects and SOCO took samples from the conservatory and from suspects.


Year 6 girls from Burgess Hill Girls and other schools in the area were put to work on Wednesday morning to analyse the collected samples of chemical residues, hair, fingerprints, footprints and ink in order to determine the most likely suspect from: the local vicar Revd. Jerry Dibley, florist Miss Flo Fairey, hairdresser Miss Boo Fon, farmer Al MacDonald, the bishop’s wife Mrs Mary Mitre, an old family friend and radiographer, Dr Sarah Ray and close friend and deputy headmaster Mr Ben Tick.


The Chief Inspector thanked the girls for helping out and said that their forensics work was second to none.  He hopes that he never has to use them again but you never know!


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