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Libby scoops 'The Furniture Makers' Company' Schools Design Award

Upper Sixth Student, Libby B was recently awarded a Furniture Makers’ Company Schools Design Award for her stunning Skyline coffee table.


Speaking about the architecturally inspired piece, Libby said:

“Having previously made the New York skyline puzzle I wanted to create a display case with a practical use as well. I decided to make a display coffee table.  I began by cutting 4 lengths of rock maple to create the base of the table; I then biscuit joined and glued them together. I added a mitred frame around the edge of the base. To increase mobility of the table due to its weight I added wheels. The skyline puzzle was the placed into the base and secured down, I measured and abraded the acrylic sheets to the required measurements taken from the base. I began placing the side panels into place and joining them together simultaneously so that the structure would hold and be perpendicular to the base without leaning after doing this I added the final top piece to complete the display coffee table project.”




Speaking about Libby’s table, Mrs McEwan, Design and Technology Teacher, detailed her reasons for submitting the piece for the awards:

“I have selected Elizabeth Brook,s an A Level student, as worthy of this excellent book prize.  She is a logical and practical student who approaches tasks in a methodical fashion. I felt that her Display Coffee Table project was a highly unique and innovative idea. Thank you so much for sending the information in the first instance and encouraging young people into the Design Industry.”