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Lower Sixth Biology students visit Seven Sisters Country Park

by Hannah W

On Thursday 14th April, Lower Sixth Biology students visited Seven Sisters Country Park on an ecology field trip. This was as part of our AS course – the biodiversity unit. The purpose was to further our understanding of the measures of biodiversity – species diversity and species richness, and to have a go at measuring it ourselves. This experiment would also count one of our assessed practicals. Luckily, the sun was shining as we headed outside to take some measurements in the park, overlooking the Cuckmere River. The aim was to discover whether species diversity of plants differed in a field where sheep were regularly grazed, and where sheep were only grazed seasonally. Each group of three managed to take two samples in each of the fields; recording which species of plants we could identify in our quadrat, and the frequency of them. In our next few lessons, we will be interpreting this data, using Simpson’s Diversity Index to discover which of the fields showed a higher diversity. After lunch, we collected more data, this time with the aim of discovering the effects of trampling, by both sheep and people on species richness. We did this by comparing the number of different species on areas where sheep walked, areas where humans walked and areas that were not trampled. This concluded the day, and we headed back to school to begin the analysis of our data.


L6 at cuckmere haven L6 at cuckmere haven