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Science Club at the Big Bang Fair 2016

In Science Club this year, Year 7 and 8 students have been working towards a Bronze BA Crest Award. This recognises an achievement in Science where students have spent a significant amount of time researching a project of their own choice. Projects this year ranged from Lucy L (Yr8) investigating which is the best washing up liquid to use, Bethany B and Emily D (Yr 7) researching E numbers and their effects on our health, Meredith L, Evie K and Shannon M (Yr 7) investigating non-traditional flavours of toothpaste and Miranda H and Amy B (Yr 7) investigating the best recipe for sherbet and comparing it to known shop brands.

Students spent a lot of time planning, carrying out and researching their projects, and last week attended the Big Bang Fair to present their projects to the judges and showcase their work alongside other schools from around the South East. The feedback from their judges was very positive and all the projects drew a lot of interest from other judges as well as passers-by.

All the students from Science Club were fantastic throughout the day and explained their ideas and discussed their projects with confidence and maturity. Well done to all involved!

Science Club will be running again from the start of the next school year. Come and talk to Mrs Owen in Biology if you are interested in taking part or want more information.


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