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Storks visit Plumpton Agricultural College

On Thursday 3rd November Storks Class (Year 2) went on a trip to Plumpton Agricultural College to learn about animals and their habitats.

We arrived at the farm and were promptly taken on a tour of the farm. Our first stop was the cow shed where we learnt all about how cows are milked and also had the opportunity to meet the calves, some of which were less than a week old! We found out how they were fed and what they needed to stay warm and safe. They don’t have any teeth when they are babies and some of us let them suck on our fingers!

Next stop was the pigs, we were very lucky that we got to see some piglets. Some of the piglets were only 2 days old and made a surprising amount of noise for something so small.

Outside we met the alpacas (which are apparently good for scaring away foxes) along with some donkeys, chickens and a turkey. We then went off to the Animal Care Centre where we met a huge variety of animals from reptiles in tanks to some enormous giant tortoises. We also got to meet lots of cuddly animals including some rabbits who shared names with 2 of our class members.

After lunch, our final activity was a minibeast and leaf hunt. We had to explore an area looking for leaves and matching them to the type of tree and also identifying the different minibeasts that we found.

We are looking forward to finding habitats around the grounds back at school and also building our own bug hotel!


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