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Students bring a spice of Spain to their Team Building Challenge

Year 8 students at Burgess Hill Girls were given a challenge and a half on their annual team building event this October.


Local catering company Paella Fella ( gave the girls the challenge of not only cooking the paella but working as a team to put up the ‘pop up kitchen’, build the oven, prep the food before the cooking could commence. The aims were to think objectively, work effectively as a team, and communicate between each other as well as generating positive energy within the groups.


The girls had two hours to complete the challenge and they took it in their stride. The air of excitement as well as the smell of the paella as it cooked generated a lot of interest from the other year groups who were passing the kitchens with many staff, students and parents asking if there was any spare!


Nick Blythe, Director of Paella Fella said “All the girls who took part were amazing; I would happily offer them a job at Paella Fella. By far the best team build we have ever done.”


The judges had a very difficult job of deciding which team won but congratulations went to all the girls who worked incredibly hard to produce 4 amazing paellas. The girls all shared their creations as they enjoyed a Spanish themed party in the evening.


Year 8 student Laura P had a great time and commented “I really enjoyed our team challenge with Paella Fella. I watch a lot of Bake Off and Masterchef at home and this challenge made me feel like I was part of  Masterchef!”