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Year 3 Student awarded place at National Children's Orchestra

Eight year old cellist Suzannah C  has been awarded a place in the prestigious National Children’s Orchestra.

Suzannah , who started playing at just 3 1/2 years old also gained distinction in her Grade 6 exam after receiving a music scholarship for Burgess Hill Girls.

“My favourite pieces are fast and lively pieces. My favourite composer is Tchaikovsky. At the moment I am learning Bach’s first cello suite” said Suzannah, adding

“I also love composing and arranging music. I have done an arrangement the Lincolnshire Poacher, a duet, and composed a short piece called The Palomino And Chestnut Stallions.”

Suzannah also has out of school lessons with Kay Tucker, founder of Stringbabies, who as an adjudicator of festivals  sees other young musicians perform around the country and within months of teaching Suzannah knew she represented an exceptional talent.

Kay said: “She’s by far the most naturally gifted child I have taught. She’s easy to teach on one level because she is so gifted, but I am having to work hard to make sure she can fulfill her potential and continually keep her challenged. She really does love making music. One of the challenges with children is getting them to comprehend music from an early age. Her mother brought her to me having heard of the success of Stringbabies and sure enough this little lady was able to pick it up. She was reading music fluently before school age and was playing Grade 1 level piece at the age of five.”

Mum Clare added: “We are delighted with Suzannah’s progress and are so grateful to Kay for enabling Suzannah to develop her talent.”