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Year 3 Visit Fishbourne Palace

Year 3 visited Fishbourne Roman Palace as part of their History topic ‘Swords and Sandals’ on 23 June 2015.

The girls, dressed as Roman slaves, spent the day observing and sketching the historic mosaics on-site and participated in an exciting workshop with lots of hands-on activities and challenges.

Year 3 Fishbourne Palace

Louise Elsey said “We learnt about how the Romans used honey and ground up oyster shell or rat brains for toothpaste, and that they ate every part of an animal even the eyeballs!”

Melissa Coleman commented “In the workshop we found out loads of fact including how they made bikinis out of leather. I tried spinning and it was really fun. We saw a video about how the palace was found and what they thought it looked like.”

Laura Setters added “We drew real mosaics and got to taste the food that the Romans ate. We also went to the workshop and we got to dress up as slaves and do activities.”

Year 3 Fishbourne Palace

Jessica Eaton said “I did some writing in Latin, then I ground grain in the kitchen, swept the floor and cooked porridge. We also went to see the mosaics and drew some of them. They were very pretty. Finally we looked at the gardens; they were amazing and beautiful with grape vines and flowers. It was all fabulous!”

Molly Browne added “The man who was taking our workshop told us that he had been on a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace when he was our age and that he loved it so much that ended up working there!”

Year 3 Fishbourne Palace