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Year 4 Juniper Hall Trip

Year 4 set off for Juniper Hall with mixed emotions on 13th May 2015; for many of the nine year old girls this was their first two-night stay away from home.

As they boarded the minibus there was a tangible air of excitement and the singing began!

The girls sketched landscapes, set mammal traps, pond dipped, took part in a mini Olympics and learnt how to use bearings and maps. They embraced each new challenge with a positive attitude and showed perseverance when things didn’t quite go to plan.

Above all, they developed as individuals and grew in independence. They had to make their own beds, look after their belongings and support each other when the ‘going got tough’! Not once, did one of them moan when they were soaking wet or tired.

Mrs Collins, Year 4 teacher, said “It was a privilege to take the girls away on a residential trip – they were the most amazing ambassadors for the school.”

Year 4 Juniper Hall

Year 4 at Juniper Hall