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Year 5 visit Anne of Cleves House

Written by Year 5 Pupils

On the 18th November 2016 Year 5 went to Anne of Cleves house. When we got there we were split into classes and were taken into the kitchen and the bed room. In the bedroom we played the parts of famous people in the Tudor times, and in the kitchen we made scented bags and found out what Tudor people eat. We learnt how Anne lived in the Tudor times and her life with Henry, we also learnt and what happened with the other wives and how they died.

Anne lived in a big thatched cottage in Lewes, the windows were big and bold with black outlines which would hold the glass together, which would have been surprisingly expensive in Tudor times. We also learnt that wattle and daub held the bricks together. Wattle and daub was made in the Roman times of horse hair, plants and maybe animal manure. There was also a material called black tar which would stop the wall from rotting. There was a room where there were instruments called instruments of torture, for cooking with, otherwise known as the cooking tools, also fire backs were held there too. There was bees wax in the kitchen which was used to make candles.

There was sandstone that was knocked down from a monastery years ago, we learnt how to build roofs and walls, in the walls upstairs you can see the wooden pegs that were put in to hold the structure together.

We enjoyed dressing up and pretending we were one of the Tudor people, (Tudor was the family’s surname) we had fun looking at all the iron fire backs and a canon as well. We also found out, instead of a tumble dryer they had an airing cupboard; they would put it near a chimney to make use of the heat. They would throw out all there waste. We loved connecting all the pieces of wood together, which would make a very secure structure. They used rope for the base of the bed, and the servant would come and tighten it, and that is where they got the saying “sleep tight”.


Anne_of_cleves  Anne_of_cleves