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Year 6 learn about mummification

A visit to Brighton Museum

On Thursday 17th of March, Year Six embarked on a trip to Brighton Museum to learn about the process of mummification and the Ancient Egyptians beliefs about the afterlife. Year Six have been studying Ancient Egypt this term and the trip was a great way to bring the topic to a close.

The workshop was led by Charlotte from Brighton Museum. After learning about some the artefacts discovered in Ancient Egyptian tombs the girls had the opportunity to get hands on with the mummification process. Each class had their own ‘body’ (a large stuffed doll) to prepare for burial. After washing the body they removed the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach and placed them in canopic jars. The girls learnt how the body was then dried for 40 days before then being wrapped in linen and adorned with jewellery and amulets.

The weighing of the heart ceremony was the next activity and involved two girls playing the parts of Anubis and Maat, the gods responsible for deciding the fate of the dead pharaohs. Fortunately both of our pharaohs had heart lighter than a feather and so were able to move on into the afterlife. Had this not been the case, Ammut, the devourer would have taken them!

The trip concluded with an opportunity to look at some authentic ancient artefacts on display in the museum.

“I really enjoyed having the chance to look at real artefacts which were thousands of years old. “  Annabelle