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Year 9 visit Fishbourne Roman Palace

During November, Year 9 students from Burgess Hill School for Girls visited the site of Fishbourne Roman Palace, near Chichester. The stories in their Cambridge Latin Course are set at Fishbourne and feature King Cogidubnus who is believed to have lived at what is the largest Roman home in Britain.

To enrich the students’ understanding of life in the Roman province of Britain, the girls watched an introductory film which included a reconstruction of the Palace to its former glory, participated in a ‘Domestic Life’ workshop, marvelled at the mosaics and visited both the museum and Roman-style formal gardens.

Jasmine G said, “The trip was really interesting; I learned a lot about Roman Britain and the way that they lived then”.

Simi R commented, “I have just started learning Latin and the trip really helped in expanding my knowledge about Roman Britain”.

Selina W added, “The garden was very pretty; it made me see what skilful gardeners the Romans were”.

Mrs Johns, Head of Classics commented, “The students had the amazing experience in the workshop of handling two thousand year old artefacts which definitely brought the past alive for them”.


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