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Year Seven try their hand at being 'The Apprentice'

Design, teamwork & marketing skills developed at Burgess Hill Girls

The whole of Year 7 took up the challenge set by Mrs King to form ‘mini companies’ and create product designs for merchandise to promote the new Burgess Hill Girls Logo. The teams’ objectives for the day were first to come up with suitable company name, logos and mission statements. Each team then had to design three products – A t-shirt to be worn when undertaking charity activities, a device case and a thermal water mug. The products were then carefully costed, in terms of materials used and then decisions were made about selling prices, as well as the best marketing methods. The finale of the day was the company presentations and prizes will be awarded in assembly this week for the best ideas, teamwork and marketing. A very busy day was enjoyed by all who took part.


IMG_6647 IMG_6671IMG_6673 IMG_6676