Lower School One-to-One Mentoring

At Burgess Hill Girls we believe your daughter should be individually known for who she is, and knows this to be the case.

When your daughter enters Burgess Hill Girls she will have an outstanding support network to ensure she settles in instantly and is able to embrace the fantastic, ambitious and versatile education that is provided for her.

Whilst your daughter’s first port of call is her form tutor, we want to ensure she is really given the personalised approach, individual support and guidance that she truly deserves.

In Years 7 and 8 your daughter will be provided with a Mentor whom she will meet on a regular basis (where possible, once every two weeks). These meetings allow your daughter to chat about herself and to find out anything she would like to know in an undisturbed, private environment. It is at this time that your daughter will get that extra level of attention and support where the focus is purely on her needs.

We feel this is a wonderful addition to our outstanding Tutor and Pastoral Care system, particularly in the early years of Senior School.

Upper School Academic Mentoring

As your daughter enters the Upper School at Burgess Hill Girls, the personalisation and individual support focuses specifically on building her successful future.

Senior Staff take on this role and work closely with your daughter, her Tutor and the Head of Section. At this time, selecting the right GCSEs and preparing for examinations and future careers is the focus of the team involved.

Your daughter is an individual and deserves the best, and for this reason highly qualified support is provided to guarantee we will work together to build a fantastic profile that supports you daughter’s future aspirations.

Time flies once your daughter enters Year 9 and we firmly believe that this personalised approach exceeds all expectations.

Student Mentoring

Sixth Form and Senior students enjoy supporting younger girls who sometimes need some extra focused support in a particular subject area.

Burgess Hill Girls operates a fabulous team of Student Subject Mentors who can be called upon to give this support.

Those on the receiving end appreciate the time and effort given to them by the student in a slightly less formal environment.