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School Life


Self-assurance and confidence are key attributes that enable girls to be the best they can be in any walk of life. Whatever age your daughter is, her self-assurance and self-esteem will depend upon how comfortable she feels with who she is and what she is doing. Being able to appreciate and acknowledge her strengths and short-comings are important if she is to set her sights high enough, manage challenge and disappointment positively and realise her potential.

Girls Only

There are no differences in what girls and boys can learn. But there are big differences in the best way to teach them.

Girls mature at a different rate and are less self-conscious in a single-sex environment. They need to be encouraged to try new things and recognise the value of exploration as well as the rewards of success.

We provide a wide range of activities designed to build strengths and tempt the girls outside their comfort zone to prepare for the many challenges they will face in the future. Taking part develops confidence, sharing experiences builds self-assurance and success generates success, cementing self-esteem.

In a girls’ school we are better able to tailor teaching and learning opportunities to suit the needs of the girls and they thrive on it.


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