Senior Pastoral Care

Individual at the Centre

Pastoral care in the Senior School is about placing the individual at the centre of our community. Our experienced team gives each girl the support that will allow them to develop at their own pace and time. We create an environment where our students are able to flourish. We not only we encourage them to seek support or advice when they need it, but also learn to problem solve, and support and empathise with others. This creates the foundation which helps them to become balanced, compassionate and resilient young women.

As girls enter Senior School they become part of the Lower School. Our aim here is to ensure a smooth transition for all girls, regardless of whether they join from our own Junior School or another local school. We are keen to help girls develop, both academically and personally and the pastoral system is very much designed with the individual girl in mind.

Tutor & Mentor

All girls in the Lower School will be part of a tutor group, led by an experienced tutor. Although girls will be taught predominately in tutor groups for the first two years, we encourage girls to form friendships across the year group and activities are planned to help girls make new friends. As well as a tutor, each Lower School pupil will be given a mentor. This is a member of teaching or support staff who will meet fortnightly with their tutees, getting to know them better over their time in the Lower School. The mentor acts as a sounding board as well as being that more personal ‘friendly face’ if they have worries or concerns.

Contributing to Society

Our students want to contribute to society and know they have something to give. All staff members share in the responsibility of caring for our girls and we encourage a culture of approachability throughout the school. This ethos also underpins the relationship we create with the parents of our students.

Burgess Hill Girls has a deservedly proud reputation for providing outstanding pastoral care. We know that providing for the well-being of our students is central in helping them to become purposeful, caring and happy individuals.

We pride ourselves on the positive relationships that are fostered here, both between staff and pupils and between the pupils themselves. Older girls are a constant source of support to younger girls as well as acting as positive and inspiring role models.