Pre Prep & Prep Co-curricular

Burgess Hill Girls Pre-Prep and Prep positively buzzes with the huge amount of co-curricular activities available in and outside of the classroom.

At lunchtime and after school there is a choice of over thirty different clubs ranging from Plastic Tromtastics to football, and from Techno to Fashion Designers Club.

To grow children’s knowledge of the world around them, we have regular themed days and invite frequent visitors to the school, from children’s authors to the Fire Service. Girls are also encouraged to take part in a range of activities including sports matches, academic competitions, music performances, and day and overnight trips.

We are also active in the local community, putting on performances and an almost never ending variety of fundraisers!

Please browse the sections below to get a feel for all the different activities available.


There are many co-curricular activities in sport for pupils to choose from. These take place predominantly after school and are run by the PE department. These include; football, hockey, netball, tag rugby, and athletics.

We also offer clubs run by external providers which carry an additional cost. These include tennis; ballet, tap, modern dance and karate.


“Pupils knowledge, skills and understanding across the curriculum is outstanding, strongly supported by carefully structured and well-paced lessons.” – Independent Schools Inspectorate

Many pupils in the Prep school take instrumental and vocal lessons from our dedicated peripatetic teachers at the school and tuition is currently available on the following instruments; violin, flute, piccolo, trumpet, singing, viola, oboe, French horn, piano, cello, clarinet, trombone, keyboard, double bass, bassoon, tuba, drum kit, percussion, harp, saxophone, recorder, electric and bass guitar.

Lessons are taught on a rotational basis so that students don’t miss the same curriculum lesson each week. There are a limited number of lessons available before and after school and during lunchtimes. Priority for these is given to older students studying for public examinations.

In addition to these lessons there are further music clubs including: choir, orchestra and a variety of groups. The year 5 and 6 choir were very successful recently in the Barnardos National Choir competition achieving a place in the final which took place at Birmingham Symphony Hall.

Prep School Choir


There are many opportunities in the Prep school for pupils to take part in performances. Each pupil takes part in a class assembly throughout the year. In addition to this there are many other opportunities for the girls to express their dramatic skills, for example, the pre-prep Christmas production, years 3 and 4 pantomime and the year 6 Gala evening.

Many pupils take speech and drama lessons which are provided by our peripatetic teachers. There is also a drama club after school which is very popular. Trips to the West End theatres are also very popular in the prep school and have comprised of a variety of musicals including Frozen, Mary Poppins and The Prince of Egypt.


We aim to provide a wide range of rich co-curricular opportunities in order for pupils to explore their strengths and passions. These include; art, coding, craft, Lego and sewing to name but a few. These clubs are run by the Prep school staff after school. Each year we gain feedback from the older pupils in the Prep school and use this to inform our provision for the following year.

“Pupils achieve excellent individual and group success outside of the academic curriculum, including in sport and music.”
Independent Schools Inspectorate