Bold Programme

The BOLD Programme is how we prepare our Sixth Form for the evolving and ever-changing demands of the world. It will empower our girls with the skills necessary for them to thrive in their professional and personal lives. It will ensure that Bold Girls leave Burgess Hill Girls equipped with not only exceptional academic qualifications, but with the social, interpersonal and leadership skills required to excel in every capacity in their future.

Our core academic offer ensures that girls can study three of the most valuable A levels to ensure they meet the demands of the most competitive academic degrees. Through the Extended Project, girls have the time and space to think innovatively and independently.

Around this, through tutorial sessions, assemblies, classroom-based training and with the provision of outside speakers and trainers, we will deliver The BOLD Programme.

Four Key Themes

The BOLD Programme is focused around four key themes; Beyond, Opportunities, Leadership and Development.

Going Beyond: Burgess Hill Girls Sixth Formers engage in informed and evidenced super-curricular activities, from reading and research to work experience and immersive opportunities. Tutors will advise and guide girls through this additional engagement, ensuring that girls take the lead in their own learning, developing their initiative and exploring their own interests to the fullest.

Exploring Opportunities: This is the necessary research and engagement that gives the girls the best understanding of the world beyond school, and how they will take their place in it. From thorough and comprehensive training on UCAS, to time given over for university visits and course research, our girls will be fully informed on all options that follow their A levels.

Taking Leadership: Girls will be supported in taking on opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills in preparation for life beyond school. It also includes the dedicated Leadership Training residential trip to Scotland in the weeks after GCSE exams.

Personal Development: Girls will enhance their personal attributes through community service, extra-curricular activities, and the Sixth Form VIVAs, which will allow for regular student evaluation against professionally and academically informed criteria.


Key features

Leadership Training Scotland: A trip teaching the essential skills they need to take on the mantel of leadership over the whole school House system from their place in the Sixth Form.

BOLD VIVAs: These are a series of one-to-one interviews with Sixth Formers evaluated against professionally and academically informed criteria.

London Induction Day: Year 12 will fulfil an array of challenges as part of their House, engaging with historical, social and cultural aspects of this global city, and further cementing the bonds between the girls.

Higher Education Research and Application: This process is embedded in the programme under the ‘Exploring Opportunities’ element, so every Sixth Former is well-supported in taking command of their own research.

Life Skills and Visiting Speaker Programme: Outside speakers will enliven students’ understanding, with a plethora of valid and valuable perspectives, and Life skills classes will cover topics essential for later success.