Pre Prep & Prep Enrichment

Inside And Outside the Classroom

Our Pre-Prep and Prep School is positively buzzing with a wide variety of enrichment activities on offer both inside and outside the classroom.  Lunchtime and after school offers many extra-curricular opportunities throughout the year to develop specific skills, whether they be in sporting,  musical or creative clubs ranging from Digital Art Club, Scrapbook Club to Sewing Club and STEM Club.

Annual Events

Each year we offer a variety of workshops, school visits, visiting speakers  and specialists.  They are too many to mention but, have include a lunchtime choir recital in St Paul’s Cathedral, competing in the national Music for Youth Competition, playing in regional and national sport and athletic competitions at local venues.

Key Skills Development

We actively promote the development of the ‘softer’, but no less important skills of independence, resilience, responsibility and leadership in many ways – through our School Council,  Eco Warriors, our Prefects, House Captains and Form Captains as well as through Thinking Skills competitions, team building expeditions and child-initiated charity fundraising events.

Community Spirit

We strive to develop a sense of our place within the community through visits from the local schools’ police officer, performances and tea for local elderly people, carol singing in the town centre.  Each year the list of enrichment opportunities seems to grow and changes to reflect new interests or topics.