We have a fleet of minibuses which follow tailored routes around the towns and villages of East and West Sussex.

Our minibuses are maintained and upgraded regularly and can be easily recognised when being driven around Sussex. The safety of your daughter is most important to us. Pupils are driven and supervised by our team of professional and friendly drivers, the majority of whom have worked for the school for many years. All our drivers are DBS checked, including drivers from the local taxi and coach companies, who are contracted by us help out when required. All routes will be timed to arrive at the school by 8.20am.

The routes and timings are finalised every August and are dependent upon demand and size of vehicle required to meet that demand. We currently operate a morning run and an afternoon service departing at 16.15.

Please see the separate attachment below for transport charges, terms and conditions.

To register for the bus service please contact Ms Wiltshire at or call 01444 241050.