Sixth Form

Open Week 3rd – 7th June

Come and see our Sixth Form in action during our summer open week, 3rd – 7th June. Book your place here.

Tomorrow’s Women

Deciding where to spend the last two years of school can have immense implications for your future. As a parent you might want to know if the school will teach in the right way, provide the right opportunities, incubate the right personal values and ethics, and in short allow your daughter to become everything that she is capable of being. As a pupil you might want to know if you will have new opportunities, make new friends, get to study new subjects and explore new activities, and whether you become something more, something different and distinct from yourself in Year 11. The Sixth Form at Burgess Hill Girls will ensure that you do.

BOLD programme

The BOLD Programme is how we prepare our Sixth Form for the evolving and ever-changing demands of the world. It empowers our girls with the skills necessary for them to thrive in their professional and personal lives. It will ensure that Bold Girls leave Burgess Hill Girls equipped with not only exceptional academic qualifications, but with the social, interpersonal and leadership skills required to excel in every capacity in their future. Read more about the BOLD Programme.

All-Girls Sixth Form

At Burgess Hill Girls, we believe in the immense value of single-sex education for girls. There are profound benefits both in the breadth of subjects taken and in terms of academic performance.

Girls are more likely to choose subjects that they might shy away from in mixed settings. At Burgess Hill Girls, Sciences and Maths are popular choices amongst a wide variety of subjects studied in the Sixth Form.

It’s also proven that girls achieve better results across all subjects in single-sex schools. This is vital when it comes to A Levels, ensuring girls excel as they should, giving them access to the opportunities they deserve. Our teachers are highly skilled and deeply experienced in teaching girls, and our tutors with supporting them, encouraging our students to work to the very highest of standards, as well as to balance their work ethic with vibrant opportunities outside the classroom.

In a girls-only sixth form, we can engage fully with the social currents that surround the girls in our care. We have created a dedicated and bespoke programme of support and guidance tailored specifically to the needs of young women. We build the skills necessary for girls to unleash their abilities, and cover the topics relevant for them to gain a full and informed understanding of their place in the world – and how they can change it.

Academic Excellence

Our students enjoy a friendly environment where academic support in small class sizes is second-to-none. Our academic programme supports over 20 different A Level courses, with each being highly valued by universities around the world. Our class sizes allow for intensive and exceptionally well-supported lessons, with dedicated and experienced subject experts teaching in every classroom. This ensures that each and every student gains the subject knowledge and analytical skills necessary to achieve the highest grades. We are consistently rated as the leading school in West Sussex for A Level results, and each year our students leave our Sixth Form to take up places at highly competitive institutions.

Extended Project Qualification

Every student in our Sixth Form will also complete the Extended Project Qualification. This independent research project is invaluable for enhancing the skills and attributes required for a young person to succeed in life. As well as its tangible value to universities, who can be more generous to those completing it, it instils the resilience, independence and analytical skills that are essential for later success. We offer a dedicated classroom-based programme to support the project, and give our students one-to-one support throughout to ensure it is completed to the highest possible standards.

Future Careers

Our Sixth Formers are actively encouraged to think about their future careers. University remains by far our most popular destination for leavers but we are seeing an increasing number embarking on school leaver programmes; in recent years, students have successfully gained positions at KPMG and GlaxoSmithKline. Our Sixth Form team provides excellent guidance and advice and prides itself on finding the right course and the right university for each student or indeed the right role in the right business sector.

Be Bold

Our Sixth Formers are encouraged across every area to be hardworking, curious, innovative, ambitious, and forward-thinking. They explore their subjects with passion, develop a level of intellectual excellence and confidence, and take every opportunity to expand on their experiences. They are, in every way and through every means, Bold girls.

If you would like to know more about our Sixth Form community then please do not hesitate to contact us to book a visit or come along to one of our open events.

Mr Iain Regan-Smith
Head of Sixth Form

“The vast majority of pupils gain places at their first choice of university, often with highly demanding entry requirements.”
Independent Schools Inspectorate