Inspection Reports

Independent School’s Inspectorate Reports

Senior School (October 2018) Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report

Pre-Prep and Prep School (October 2018) Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report

Senior School (December 2014)

“The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care is excellent... Relationships are positive between staff and pupils… The school is extremely successful in setting out high expectations of good behaviour.” Senior School (December 2014)

We are delighted that the report recognises the many strengths of the Senior School school’s provision. Each phase of the school is praised.

Here are the highlights taken from the ISI Report (December 2014):

You can download the full Senior School report here

Pre-prep AND PREP School (December 2014)

The inspection team found that ‘pupils were well-educated and their levels of achievement and learning were excellent. Attainment in relation to national aged-related expectations was found to be high for all pupils of all abilities. Pupils achieve excellent learning skills which effectively equip them for the next stage of their education’.

The inspectors stated that ‘Excellent arrangements are in place for pastoral care. Tolerance and understanding are at the heart of the pupils’ daily lives’. Plus they highlighted that ‘An excellent range of extra-curricular provision enhances the learning experience of all girls’.

The inspectors commented on the overwhelming support that our parents expressed for the school and the support their children receive.

Inspectors found that strong dynamic leadership with clear vision and determination, coupled with excellent strategic planning and high levels of self-evaluation were the key elements that ensured success.

You can download the full Pre-Prep and Prep School report here