Short Stays

Short, full immersion, courses are offered at Burgess Hill Girls throughout the year depending upon the availability of boarding places. Short course students are able to join the school for a period of one to three terms in year groups 7, 8, 9, 10, or 12 (ages 11 – 15, or 16 – 17).

Students follow the regular subject timetable for their year group. Students also join in with all the co-curricular and enrichment activities that are a regular part of life at Burgess Hill Girls.

To learn more read our short stay programmes guide.

Entry Requirements

Students are not required to sit entrance examinations. Assessment is based on the student’s previous two school reports, a reference from their current school and an online or in person interview. There is a registration form to complete, and a registration fee of £150.

Monitoring & Assessment

Students sit an online cognitive ability test upon arrival so that progress can be monitored. A school certificate is presented on satisfactory completion of the course.


No deposit is required if full fees are paid 28 days in advance of the course start date.

The fees per term for the academic year 2023-24;


Per term

Year 7 £12,320
Year 8 £12,670
Year 9 £13,600
Year 10 £14,000
Year 12 £14,180


A non-refundable deposit of £6,000 paid termly, plus the monthly fee.


Per month

Year 7 £1,580
Year 8 £1,667.50
Year 9 £1,900
Year 10 £2,000
Year 12 £2,045

Please note that fees are subject to change for future academic years.


A limited supply of second-hand uniform may be available to purchase. Where possible we will endeavour to supply uniform upon arrival.


All boarding students without a parent living in the UK must have an appointed guardian, irrespective of the student’s age. Please see the school’s educational guardianship policy.