Mission and Aims

Our Mission

To develop Tomorrow’s Women.

Our Aims

Our mission is achieved by ten core aims. We will:

  1. Champion individual strengths and aspirations through our excellent academic provision, extensive co-curricular opportunities and forward-thinking initiatives such as our B-spoke and BOLD programmes.
  2. Endow pupils with confidence, self-belief and a determination to succeed.
  3. Embed a strong sense of moral responsibility through activities in the school and the local community.
  4. Develop meaningful and effective partnerships with local nurseries, and primary and secondary schools.
  5. Recruit and retain high-quality staff.
  6. Promote a positive balance between academic work, recreation and volunteering.
  7. Provide expert higher education and careers opportunities and advice.
  8. Deliver an outstanding Early Years education to ensure a solid foundation.
  9. Innovate in the development of our curriculum and facilities.
  10. Encourage a mutually supportive community that empowers girls to reach their full potential.

Pupils at Burgess Hill Girls will be equipped to lead a fulfilled and productive adult life in a rapidly changing world.


I am, I can, I should, I will


These four values guide pupils on their journey through Burgess Hill Girls.

SPIRIT This is me. I am kind, positive and resilient. I am emotionally intelligent, a builder of relationships and a celebrator of success.
SPARK This is how I do things. I can think independently, show good judgement, collaborate and lead to get things done.
STRENGTH This is what is important to me. I should have integrity, values and principles and be confident to stand up for these.
SUCCESS This is my journey. I will set goals, take ownership, learn and achieve what I set out to do.

100% for Girls

Being 100% for girls provides Burgess Hill Girls with the best chance of achieving our missions and aims.

Learn more about the benefits of our school being 100% for girls.