Girls First

Our mission at Burgess Hill Girls is to develop Tomorrow’s Women. Being 100% Girls only provides us with the best chance of achieving this.

Academic Success

The benefits of all girls schools on academic performance is well documented, both in terms of higher grades and ‘value add’; a measure of pupils’ improvement in grades due to the education they have received. This is certainly true at Burgess Hill Girls, we are consistently one of the top performing independent schools in Sussex for GCSE & A Level results. Our results are all the more impressive considering we accept pupils with academic profiles of national average and above and support them in selecting GCSE and A Level subjects of their choice. Our ability to add value to students’ academic results has also been noted by the Good Schools Guide: “The school is almost non-selective and yet achieves better results than many more competitive schools.”

Complete Freedom

Unfortunately gender stereotyping still has a negative influence on girls’ development. Being 100% Girls allows us to champion girls and women and their role in society. Our empowering community gives students the complete freedom to be bold; to take risks, to challenge themselves, to try new experiences and to make and learn from mistakes. This freedom extends to subject choice. Research by the Independent Schools Council (ISC) has found pupils at Girl’s Schools are over 50% more likely to study stereotypical male subjects such as Mathematics and Chemistry. More importantly all pupils are free to be ambitious and set their sights high. At Burgess Hill Girls it is cool to learn and cool to achieve.

100% Girls

Because we are 100% Girls, our facilities, curriculum and philosophy are designed to provide girls with all the skills and opportunities they need to fulfil their potential in life. This gives our students a significant advantage over those at a co-educational school, especially those that have spent most of their lifetime as Boy’s Schools.

Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling

When we hear from our alumnae, Bold Girls, about their university and career success, it confirms that early exposure to a nurturing, non-judgemental environment pays dividends. Whether it’s working as an engineer for a Formula One racing team, campaigning for social justice or becoming president of the University of Cambridge Women’s Cricket Team. It is no surprise that many of our Bold Girls opt for careers in ‘non-traditional’ occupations for women and are making a mark as individuals who are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs.

Happiness Is The Path To Success

Although there are numerous advantages of Burgess Hill Girls being 100% Girls we don’t actually think it should be the final deciding factor. Ultimately we hope you choose Burgess Hill Girls because our values match yours and because you feel, and more importantly your daughters feel, that this is where they will be happiest and do their best.