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Independent Theatre makers

Following the AQA specification, our course inspires students to become independent theatre makers with the skills they need to go on to higher education, whether that is to study a course in Drama and Theatre or another subject.

A practical focus

We want students to have an inspiring experience of A-level Drama and Theatre.

This course emphasises practical creativity alongside research and theoretical understanding. Students learn through experience; seeing theatre and making theatre for themselves. Students are introduced to a wide range of theatrical styles and contexts as they explore plays practically, devise and work on performances.

Students choose to develop as a:

Whichever option they choose, students will gain many invaluable skills, both theatrical and

transferable, to expand their horizons.

Engaging exams

Each exam paper is designed to allow students to demonstrate their creativity and imagination in interpreting set texts, and to apply independent thinking as they evaluate live theatre production.

Clear progression to higher education

Higher education institutions value and respect the skills that our course and the AQA Drama and Theatre specification gives students. By incorporating the approach they take with Drama and Theatre undergraduates into this A-level, our students are really well prepared for the demands of university and beyond.

Transferable skills

There’s another reason our A Level in Drama and Theatre is so valued. Students of AQA Drama and Theatre develop skills that are not just essential for drama but applicable to a wide range of higher education subjects and in the workplace. Our course refines students’ collaborative skills, analytical thinking and their approach to research.

Students grow in confidence and maturity as they successfully realise their own ideas. They learn to evaluate objectively and develop a sound appreciation of the influences that cultural and social contexts can have on decision making.

Whatever the future holds our A Level Drama and Theatre students emerge with a toolkit of transferable skills preparing them for their next steps.


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