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Pastoral Care


RIGHT Balance between independence and dependence

The Sixth Form pastoral team at Burgess Hill Girls comprises the Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form, and ten highly experience tutors. Our main aim is to establish the right balance between independence and dependence for our students. Throughout their A levels, our young ladies gain in confidence when they are able to confront issues and solve problems themselves. That said, we do pride ourselves on providing excellent pastoral care, so timely and sensitive intervention by tutors is vital.

Small tutor Groups

Tutor groups within the Sixth Form contain no more than ten students; groups are small enough to allow students and tutors to get to know each other well. With small class sizes and tutor groups, our community is very close-knit; students share in each other’s successes and support one another on a daily basis. Tutors maintain a detailed overview of academic progress and general well-being and work closely with the Head of Sixth Form to ensure that parents, teachers and students are working well together.

Careers Advice

Throughout their A Levels, our students are expected to make good use of our Higher Education Team based at The School. We firmly believe that excellent careers advice plays a key role in our students’ drive, determination and underlying happiness. Courses can sometimes become challenging so we always look to establish a goal for when our students move on from the safe environment we provide them with.

High Standards

Every student choosing to join the Sixth Form at Burgess Hill Girls is made aware of the high standards we set ourselves as staff and the hard work that goes in to providing the very best opportunities. We expect our students to embrace these opportunities, to challenge themselves and to step outside of their comfort zones, safe in the knowledge that members of staff will be there to support at any point.

hard work and dedicatioN

A Level courses require a lot of hard work and dedication. If our students are going to achieve their full potential then they need to feel happy in their own skin, well-supported and highly valued. Our experienced tutor team is well placed to form the very best team around each of our ambitious young ladies.

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