Learning in Lockdown 3

Posted: 1st January 1970

2021 begun in a way that many of us wished it not to – with another lockdown. Not to worry though, the staff and students at Burgess Hill Girls stuck together (virtually of course) and started with remote learning. Here are some of the ways that we have been learning!

Nursery – People who help us

The children in Badgers Class have been exploring the topic of ‘people who help us’ and they were very excited to tell us about their knowledge of the NHS and explore the different roles using their imaginations and props that we provided or made with them.


The children were very committed to their imaginary play and perceived the work of doctors and nurses to be ‘very tricky’ and ‘hard work’. They took their ‘jobs’ very seriously and there was a lot of note taking, appointment making, temperature taking and checking of hearts using their self-made stethoscopes.



U6 English – Sixth Form

Mrs Negus asked the girls to find three items they could link with Othello as a starter before their lesson on motifs and symbols. Elle brought Bullseye from Toy Story to represent the animal imagery in the play (particularly the horse and ewe with which Othello is compared). Saridja wears devil horns to reflect the imagery of devils in the play, and holds a purse, in reference to Iago’s demand that Roderigo ‘put money in thy purse’.



art – Senior school

Photography and Digital Art as part of our current year 8 Alice in Wonderland project. Students are taking their own photographs and combining with found images using layers.


Isabella Reading Year 8


Ruby Light 8


FLAMINGOs – the great fire of london

This term we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We have been enjoying learning about it across the curriculum. In Art we created collages to show what the houses were like in London in 1666 and also used building bricks to make models of them.


Meghan’s house from 1666 made by building bricks


We learnt that we couldn’t tweet or send a text message to tell people about the fire so we became town criers to raise the alarm!



In our English lessons we have written fire poems and even imagined ourselves as a rat, writing diaries about our experiences of the Fire.

year 7 – table top theatre


Inspired by the RSC’s initiative in 2015 of retelling condensed versions of Shakespeare’s classics using a table and household items to represent characters, Mrs Meredith-Jones got the year 7’s to do the same with an extract from George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.