Metro Bank Visit

Posted: 27th January 2017

This term Year 6 are lucky enough to be enjoying visits from the team at Brighton’s Metro Bank to help them to begin to understand the concept of banking and money. They have already started to learn the importance of budgeting and how to gain interest on your money if it is in a saving account. These important life lessons will continue over the next few weeks with the girls learning more about how to plan the best way to use money. At the end of January the girls are invited to visit the Metro team in the bank in Brighton and go behind the scenes into the vault and see how banks really operate. They will also meet Metro Man and demonstrate their new skills.

The main aims of these sessions are to support the girls in the future as they begin to take more control over their own finances, plan and save carefully. The girls have the chance to think about the advantages and disadvantages of using banks to keep your money, including issues with access and safety. These sessions are also being backed up in maths lessons where the girls are using their maths skills to follow the expenses of an imaginary family and plot their bank balance both positive and negative, learning about debt and overdrafts.


Metro Bank