STEM week in the Junior School

Posted: 9th February 2017

The return after the February half term will mark the start of STEM week in the Junior School. With a theme of ‘future technology’ the week will explore how the Earth’s resources are being used to power the planet and what the future holds in terms of renewable energy. Across the Junior school we will then be looking at different energy sources with the potential to solve the problem of power in the future with days focussing on solar, wind and water power and culminating in an exhibition of the experiments and engineering produced by the students throughout the week.

Activities will include making windmills and creating solar cookers from shoeboxes! We are also working with Shoreham based engineering company Ricardo who will be running workshops for Key Stage 2 pupils on the principles of magnetic energy generation including how it can be used to convert motion to run LED lights.

In the run up to STEM week we are also running a ‘Grand Designs’ thinking skills competition for the Junior School, asking pupils to design their own eco-homes with thoughts about how homes can be built to use sustainable resources and be environmentally considerate.