Year 6 egypt learning

Posted: 9th February 2017

During this term Year Six have been enjoying learning about Ancient Egypt. As part of our learning we have participated in lots of exciting interactive learning.  During our learning about how the Ancient Egyptians farmed the land by the River Nile we created our own model shadufs. These are an invention that was used to lift water from the river to irrigate the land. The bucket was dipped into the river and the weight on the other end helped to make the lifting easier. The girls worked in teams to create the shaduf and then add details of the land and river around it.

We have also linked this learning to our prep, where the girls were challenged to create some Ancient Egyptian food. This allowed the girls to really show their different learning styles and also great team work. The food was then presented to the class with detailed descriptions ,including I-movies. Finally we tucked into an Egyptian feast which included different breads, spiced prawns and a variety of recipes based around honey! During the feast we also listened to some suitable music and had a dance!

Learning about history is always really interesting and exciting but we love to have fun alongside that! Burgess Hill Girls is the place to be for fun, interactive learning experiences!


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