A visit from the Fire Service

Posted: 23rd February 2017

Year 5 enjoyed a visit from the fire service just before the February half term. The best bit was sitting in the fire engine.

We got to see all of the equipment on board and Pete showed us everything he did and how to work the hoses and different tools.  Some of the equipment had strange names and there was a lot of it on the engine.

After we had all had a go in the fire engine, we went inside and Mark, the boss, and Jonny told us all about hoax calls and arson.  We did some acting for what hoax calls are and we had to work out a solution to a dilemma caused by someone phoning 999 without an emergency to report. It was interesting to see the consequences of what might happen in these scenarios.

Thank you so much to Jonny, Pete, Chris and Mark for telling us about the things you do in the fire service and for letting us sit in the fire engine.

By Year 5D