Pirate Day

Posted: 24th March 2017

As their topic on Oceans and Sea draws to a close this term, Storks saw their topic out with a bang by having a pirate day. The girls and their teachers dressed in their finest pirate attire and started the morning by solving pirate themed maths challenges, earning booty for every challenge completed.

Mrs Woodward gave the girls a pirate themed PE lesson and this was followed by the discovery of a mysterious clue which sent them on the hunt for treasure all over the school! Finally the last clue took them to the Learning Hub where they discovered a delicious pirate picnic lunch, very kindly arranged by the catering team.

More pirate shenanigans ensued in the afternoon when we were delighted to welcome fencing coach Mark Barrowcliffe to give the girls a fencing lesson. With cries of ‘En guarde’ the girls gave their all and were able to use their new skills to fight against each other by the end of the session. A fantastic day was had by all.