Red Nose Day in the Nursery

Posted: 27th March 2017

In honour of Red Nose Day the children in the Nursery brought in donations to buy red noses and to dress in red. We had discussions as to why they were gifting money and about families less fortunate than ourselves who need extra support.

For Red Nose Fun we had a ‘games day’. The children brought in their favourite games to share.  We find that playing board games is an excellent way to spend unhurried, enjoyable time together.  As an added bonus, board games are also rich in learning opportunities, about aspiration, success and disappointment.  Children gain experience with both winning, losing and about rules, integrity, honesty and luck.  They also learn to expand their vocabulary and lengthen their attention spans.

We encourage the playing of board games at Nursery as It gives children the opportunity to sharpen certain academic skills e.g. number/shape recognition, counting, colour matching, letter recognition, reading, grouping, visual perception, hand-eye co-ordination and manual dexterity.

So all in all we had a fun educational day!