Science Assembly

Posted: 27th March 2017

To celebrate British Science Week Storks class (Year 2) hosted their very own ‘you can try this at home assembly’ in a bid to inspire others to get involved in science at home. They demonstrated a range of experiments to the rest of the Junior School and their own parents, using things that could be found in your kitchen cupboard or local supermarket.

The live demonstrations included how to make invisible ink using lemon juice, using the chemical reaction between vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to inflate some rubber gloves and even creating a lava lamp using oil, water and effervescent tablets. The girls also filmed themselves performing other experiments. They made ice cream using salt, ice and milk, watched the colour dissolve from skittles to create a rainbow, demonstrated capillary action with a ‘walking water’ experiment and had an explosive time with Mentos and cola! It was a great way to celebrate the week and the buzz of girl’s chatter about trying things at home could be heard all round the school.