Dealing with Exam Stress

Posted: 3rd May 2017

As part of the Year 11 PALS (Personal & Life Skills) programme, the Year 11 students took part in a workshop to help deal with exam stress on Monday 24th April 2017.

Roy Fears, Drama Therapist from Beacon House ( delivered activities that taught the students how they can deal with stress and how it may make them feel as they take their GCSE examinations this summer.  The girls took part in discussions, team building and practised techniques that helped them develop positive mindfulness.  The girls enjoyed the session.

Students Millie PY, Emma B and Izzy C said “It was fun and he was really positive.  Roy made us want to participate and we liked that it was so interactive.  He taught us many helpful strategies to manage exam stress.  The workshop was relaxing and enjoyable.”