Work Experience

Posted: 8th May 2017

It has been great to hear of the various work experience placements that our Sixth Form have been fortunate to be involved in recently.  Fiona G in the Lower Sixth recently took park in her ‘Army Work Experience’.

‘The van roars into life and judders over the stones, by now my Mum is long gone and for the next three days I will be enclosed by towering metal fences, decorated with barbed wire. I do not know anyone. Why was I crazy enough to sign up for this?

I’m glad I did. Those four days were exhilarating, exciting and eventful, but truthfully they were also physically and mentally tough – despite wanting to spend another week at Longmoor Training Camp, my body was less eager to do so!

We were expected to complete each task to our highest ability, whether it was running 1.5 miles; packing a Burgan; Infantry training; firing a rifle; or the Assault Course, we were taught to constantly push ourselves to strive to do better. The result? I thoroughly relished the challenges and enjoyed the whole week, my comfort zone well and truly surpassed.

Overall, I really learned that the advice constantly given by my Team Leaders is of great value – “If you put the effort in, you will get the effort out!”