Brighton Festival Children’s Parade

Posted: 11th May 2017

Preparations for the annual Brighton Festival parade began on Tuesday 2nd May where Year 5 and 6 girls enjoyed two creative days which were messy and lots of fun!

This year, the theme of the parade was ‘Poems’. We were given a traditional poem called ‘Windy Nights’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. In the poem it mentions a man on a horse riding through the night. It also mentions the wind and moon and stars. This gave us the inspiration for our “makes.”

The girls spent the two creative days working alongside professional artist Paul Render and a team of enthusiastic teachers and parents to create fourteen horses and numerous stars, moons and flags.

On the day the sun shone upon us. The girls performed various dance moves as we paraded through the streets of Brighton and then onto the seafront. The Brighton Festival experience encourages the girls to think creativity, work collaboratively and persevere. It is also great fun. “It’s like a big party,” one girl commented this year and she was right.