Boarders Trip to Brighton

Posted: 12th May 2017

On Saturday 6th May, the boarders all travelled to Brighton to watch the annual Childrens’ Parade.  It was great to see our Junior School taking part and we enjoyed cheering them on with words of encouragement.

After lunch, some of the boarders went shopping, whilst others accompanied by a member of staff had fun on the famous Brighton Pier.  We had fun looking in the shop full of Brighton rock and the girls enjoyed picking a piece to bring back to the boarding houses.

The biggest surprise of the day was when a seagull swooped over the shoulder of Jaya and whisked away her crepe.  She said “it shocked me at first, but then I saw the funny side. Gosh it was like something out of the Alfred Hitchcock “Birds” on that pier.”

A great day was had by all and the sun shone on them all.