Year 4 Juniper Hall residential Trip

Posted: 26th May 2017

On Monday 22nd May 2017, Year 4 set off for the annual trip to Juniper Hall, Dorking. Once they had arrived and settled, they set off for the landscape up over Box Hill. The views over Surrey were stunning and they enjoyed having their lunch in the shade with such amazing views at the top of the hill. In the afternoon, they set their mammal traps in the wood. After dinner, using their sketches from the walk, they then painted their landscapes.

The next day, the girls woke early to another sunny and warm day. They found field mice, short tailed voles and shrews in the mammal traps. They then hiked up another hill to start building a shelter deep in the woods.  Following lunch, the girls went pond dipping which was great fun. The evening consisted of the girls sitting around a campfire singing songs and toasting marshmallows.  Once it got dark, Mrs Cavanagh took the girls on a night walk deep in the woods. There was no need to use their torches until they were almost back at Juniper Hall.

On the final day, the girls woke up early and had another look at their mammal traps, which they had left in the woods overnight. The last fun activity was learning about orienteering and explored Juniper Hall using their mapping skills.

It was a fantastic trip and the girls were so well behaved.

“The shelter building was amazing because you got to go round the woods and build it from scratch.” Sofia

“I like the pond dipping because I caught a leech!” Mia

“I really liked the orienteering because you explored Juniper Hall.” Bronwen

“The mammal trapping was awesome. I caught a yellow neck mouse and a shrew!” Cally

“My favourite activity was mammal trapping because I got to see some little creatures I’d never seen before.” Emily

“I enjoyed the mammal trapping because we got to see different animals.” Ellie