New Facilities at Burgess Hill Girls

Posted: 24th October 2017

If you’ve visited the school recently we hope you might have noticed some new additions? Do come and visit soon if you’ve haven’t. Here’s an overview of what’s changed recently.

School Signs

The ground staff have been doing an excellent job of landscaping the front of the school so it’s now clearly visible to passing traffic on Keymer Road. The icing on the cake has been two new large signs, best seen at night when they are lit up.


JUNIOR Reception

If we’re being honest we didn’t really have a Junior reception before, but now we do and boy (or rather, girl) is it gorgeous. The colour theme continues into Junior Head Mrs Cavanagh’s new office too.



Also in the Junior we have extended our Junior school branding to sports with a new purple netball court.



Lastly over to Boarding, Avondale specifically. There is both a new lounge and kitchen, complete with computer hub. Some of the girls rooms and other communal areas have also been refurbished.