Tree Planting Ceremony

Posted: 5th June 2018

Every year at Burgess Hill Girls we hold a Tree Planting Ceremony. The current Head Girl plants a tree to celebrate her time in post, and hands over her duties to the next Head Girl, Cara and the new School Officers. The sun was shining and there were smiles all around. Head Girl, Nell, reflected on her time at the school and gave some wise words to the Women of Tomorrow.


Tree Planting Burgess Hill Girls
New Head Girl Cara with existing Head Girl Nell


“When I sat down to write this speech, it occurred to me how fast my five years at Burgess Hill,
my two years in Sixth Form and my year as head girl have gone. It has been an honour to be
head girl at such an amazing school and I feel privileged to have had this opportunity. The
closer we get to leaving Burgess Hill the faster the time seems to go, it’s quite daunting but I’m
happy to say that I recall my time at Burgess Hill as very happy and full of some truly
unforgettable memories and experiences.

I am extraordinarily thankful for everything this school has done for me and I tried to reflect
this when I chose my quote, which is: “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and
you help them to become what they are capable of being.” Burgess Hill does this for
everyone. I urge you all to take any opportunity that is presented to you, because you never
know where it will take you.

It’s so hard to choose my favourite memories of my time at Burgess Hill but I think the thing
that will stick with me is the amazing sense of community: not only between the girls but also
between staff and students. There’s not many places where the Head of Biology will also be
working backstage in a school production or the A-level P.E class will play real life hungry
hippos to learn about biomechanics and the importance of teamwork. Burgess Hill is totally
unique in so many ways but the true sense of community is something I’ve never experienced
before and would be extremely lucky to experience again.
To our incredible teachers, thank you so much for everything you have given us in the past few
years. From my science and maths teachers who I couldn’t have made it through my GCSE’S
without, to my A-level teachers who are some of the most patient yet inspiring people I’ve ever
met. Your support in and out of the classroom means the world and I think the whole of Upper
Sixth will agree that without your help we couldn’t have made it here.

To the 2018 school officer team, I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything you’ve
done for me as well as the school this year. You’ve all been incredible role models for the rest of
the school as well as being so much fun to work with. It’s not an easy role but I’m so proud of
what we’ve achieved and how we’ve pulled together as a team. To the new school officer team,
congratulations on your roles I’m sure you will do a brilliant job next year and I wish you all the
best of luck.

To the Upper Sixth, I feel honoured to have spent the last two years with you. You are some of
the most entertaining and intelligent people I will ever meet, but also the kindest. As we reach
the end of our time at Burgess Hill, I think it has suddenly dawned on many of us that we will
never have days quite like these again. I urge you all to reflect on your time at Burgess Hill and
take what you have gained on to your next destination. Remember your talents and the things
that make you unique and you will succeed in anything you put your mind to. You are all
incredible people, with such varied talents and I am certain you will go on to do great things.
To the rest of the school, I hope that when you come to say goodbye to Burgess Hill, your
memories will be as fond as mine are and you can look back on your time here and appreciate
all this school has to offer you, because without it, none of us would be quite the people
that we are today.

Thank you”



Tree Planting Burgess Hill Girls 2
School Officers 2017 – 2018



Tree Planting Burgess Hill Girls 1
School Officers 2018 – 2019