More Radio Visit

Posted: 15th November 2018

There were no signs of nerves among budding broadcasters in our Junior School when stars from More Radio paid a visit to find out more about our school and its pupils.

Nick Osborne and Izzy Bishop, who host the station’s Breakfast Show, interviewed pupils, played games and answered questions. Much fun was had by all.

Discussion of favourite teachers and the quality of school lunches (spoiler: surprisingly good!) was followed by the Breakfast Show’s version of TV’s ‘Would I Lie to You?’ where pupils had to decide if a news item was true or false.

The girls took the opportunity to tell Nick and Izzy about all the activities they take part in to raise money for charities and the local community. These include donations to food bank collections and fun days to raise money for charities such as Children in Need and Lewes-based Chailey Heritage Foundation, which works with children and young people with complex disabilities. There is also a gift giving-assembly in association with the Salvation Army at which each child donates a Christmas gift for a child who may otherwise not receive one.

The pupils made quite an impression on the presenters. Izzy said: The pupils are so well behaved and polite. All of the teachers are super fun and I wish that they were my teachers at my school when I was younger. They all had a really good sense of humour and it was a pleasure to be here.”

 Nick added: ‘They got a really good score on our Articulate game [identifying as many objects as possible from their descriptions in one minute]. I think maybe we’ve met some superstars of the future, because when they were introducing the songs they sounded better than us!’

The visit was part of the More Radio School Tour, which offers a prize of £500 worth of computer equipment to the school whose pupils amass most points in the games they play with Izzy and Nick.

Junior School Head Teacher Mrs Cavanagh said: ‘The girls were thrilled to have a visit from real-life radio megastars and were fascinated to find out what goes into recording a programme for broadcast. We can’t wait to hear it.’

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